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Welcome to Seattle Pacific Construction.

Seattle Pacific Construction. is a general contractor company located in Seattle, Washington. We have served Seattle's metro area for the last two years and have 10 years of experience under our belt. We provide full services locally in construction and remodeling for residential homes and townhouses. We provide fine and reputable construction services including Remodels, Repairs, Framing new homes, Additions, Decks, Fences, Carpentry, Driveways, Drywall, Painting, and Changing and Installing windows and doors.


With Seattle Pacific Construction, our clients are happy to pride on using our business to consistently stay within their budget and get the best for their money, especially during these hard economical times. We are also proud of our representative team, because our people are very professional, dedicated, responsible, and hard workers that we have carefully selected to make the job as our motto says: Done Right the First Time!


Please contact us for more information:

E-mail- business@seattlepacificconstruction.com
Web- www.seattlepacificconstruction.com